Kids Yoga at School or Home


Bringing Yoga to Your School and Home

Kids yoga improves concentration, increases academic performance. and brings kids together for creativity and fun. Children start the day, take a break, or de-stress after school with yoga. Whatever the time, kids leave refreshed.


For students with educational challenges, such as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, or autism, yoga increases self-regulation, focus, participation, or transmission of information to others. Daily classroom yoga gently prepares their brains and bodies for the day’s activities and replaces “negative” states with “ready” ones.


Benefits of yoga for children include improved

  • Energy, alertness, and behavior

  • Focus, memory, and academic performance

  • Engagement in learning

  • Integration of new information

  • Balance, strength, and flexibility

  • Socialization

  • Direction following

  • Mindfulness


What You Need

  • A quiet space, such as a classroom or gym

  • Yoga mats

  • Comfortable clothing


About the Classes

  • During or after school, yoga uses the breath and fun poses such as Lion, Cat/Cow, Tree, to get kids moving, increase imagination, and keep them engaged.

  • Daily classroom yoga curriculum uses breath, postures, relaxation and circle of song to prepare children for learning.

  • For all levels to meet the individual needs of all students


The practice of yoga creates increased concentration helping students earn good grades on and off the mat. With passion and dedication, it is my intention for children to receive many “beneficial bright drops” from their yoga practice. A creative fun yoga experience can be created in your school or home providing physical exercise and mental clarity for your children. Contact