• Barbara Newman

Why I Love Yoga at the Park

One year ago I created Yoga at the Park to have a welcoming place to share my love for yoga. I wanted to inspire people new to yoga to try it and encourage those familiar with yoga to deepen their practice. Teaching at the park has allowed me to transform creatively as a person and teacher.

What has evolved is a community of yogis who attend consistently either weekly or several times a month. We hold space for each other making no judgments and have fun exercising, developing inner composure, and relaxing. People have improved their personal practice by showing up, holding poses longer, stretching further, breathing deeper, and relaxing for longer times with peace written across their bodies. These yogis happily report they have grown personally and have increased patience and tranquility in their lives.

I am grateful for the opportunity to guide this ancient practice and connect with like-minded individuals. My journey has been about reaching one person at a time through breathing, stretching, flowing, and connecting with oneself in a loving compassionate natural environment. Each person in turn imparts compassion, and kindness spreads. Our personal world becomes a more enjoyable place in which to live. Through the practice of yoga, we become enlightened and experience magical feelings.

Thank you to all for bringing your energy to the special space we hold on Tuesday night.

The light in me honors the light in you.



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