• Barbara Newman

What Happens During Yoga: Inner and Outer Balance

The activities, events, and interactions in daily life may fill the mind with worry, concern, and fear. Yoga can help unleash these fears as the heart opens to the universe.

Start yoga practice by inhaling and raising the arms skyward, followed by exhaling and lowering arms toward mother earth for 7 to 10 breaths. This opens the body and mind to new possibilities. Notice that energy moves into the body and peace to the mind. The perception of the world may change. Continue breathing from the belly and lungs during warm up stretches, salutations, asanas or postures, or chanting. Then observe how thoughts of worry shift to thoughts of wisdom.

Imagine reaching up to the universe, grabbing the sun, moon, or star light, bringing that light into your heart, and filling up every cell in your body with this nurturing loving light energy and experience inner balance. Share this authentic emotion with others and start the cycle of outer balance. The face may even glow from the light within the body.

When thoughts and emotions are released during yoga, space becomes available for what’s meant to be. As thoughts are set free, there is room for something new to enter life. Honor the space between what no longer is and what has not yet occurred. Become an observer and pay attention to the self. Focus the mind to meditate for a period of time in silence or with the aid of chanting. Whether it’s five minutes or fifty minutes, the benefits become apparent in daily living. Happiness and peace become a much larger part of life, while fears and worry occupy a smaller area.

Some meditative activities may include the following:

Yoga practice and meditation

Chanting, Singing



Baking, Cooking

Sewing, Quilting, Knitting

Walking, Running


Transformation is a process. Just as food is digested over time, so are emotions. Being present or mindful in the moment reduces hours spent on worry. Shadows can be acknowledged, but now there's an opportunity for the light to illuminate them. As balance is achieved on the mat, whether it's standing in tree pose or stretching up, balance is achieved in the outer world.

The more yoga is practiced, the more light energy there is in the body. Happiness and peace prevail, worries decrease, and the mind and body are in greater balance. Regular practice is a healthy cycle that continually rewards the yogi.

Breathe and Move…Calm Your Mind…Ignite Your Inner Light

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