• Barbara Newman

Taking Tiny Steps to Transformation

It’s already March! The New Year Resolutions are either in full force or long forgotten! Here’s a way to put new habits into action taking one day at a time to begin the transformation. If a healthier life style is on your list, then exercise, eating healthy, and increasing energy can be established. There is lots of power in tiny gains.

Decide what new habit you want to start. For example, if looking to increase daily exercise is on the list, get up from your desk for one minute every day to breathe and move. Set a phone alarm as a reminder. Stand up, plant your feet on the floor with your arms at your sides. Inhale, raise your arms with palms meeting overhead. Pause, exhale, lower your arms down to your sides. Just focus on the breath and movement. Repeat seven to ten times for one minute. When finished, notice how your body and mind feel. Perhaps do this with a coworker. Practicing in a community helps behaviors last.

If eating healthy is on the list, begin by setting a realistic time to eat a snack every day. Have food available for perhaps a mid-morning granola bar snack, mid-afternoon yogurt snack, or an after work fruit snack, such as an apple. This rhythmic eating at the same every day establishes a pattern of behavior. Observe how you feel after the snack.

It might be simply wanting to drink water every day. Keeping a water bottle in a backpack or purse might be the answer to increasing the amount of water that is consumed. Leave the water bottle on the desk or in the car.

Slowly introducing new beneficial habits that are genuinely desired each and every day, guides the mind to move in a positive direction to develop power-ups and eliminate unwanted habits.

In this case the power-ups are:

Breath and movement

Eating healthy snacks

Drinking water

These small measures have a big impact in overall daily life and help people become who they want to be. Taking tiny steps in growth leads to a big transformation in life. This is just the beginning.

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