• Barbara Newman

Express Your Truth and Nourish Your Body for a Balanced Throat Chakra

Vishuddha, the throat chakra, is the fifth chakra and the first of the higher chakras. Below it are the root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras as discussed in the previous blogs. The throat chakra, located around the throat, neck, mouth, ears and thyroid, is characterized by the color sky blue and the element of sound. This fifth chakra, the center of communication, is situated between the heart and head, and can be visualized as the mediator between the emotions in the heart and the thoughts in the head.

When the throat chakra is balanced, individuals speak the truth from the heart, saying it with kindness and compassion. A clear throat chakra allows you to communicate with yourself first and hear your inner voice. It is then easy to express your truth in a healthy, honest and loving manner.

The challenge of communicating authentically is looking inward and learning to trust one's own voice. When inner feelings and thoughts are not communicated from the heart, attaining inner happiness is prevented. With trust in oneself, the truth is spoken, and peace with the external world prevails. It is okay to ask for help and display weakness. People are attracted to honesty and show respect for speaking openly.

The fifth chakra can be brought into better balance with the practice of yoga poses using breath and movement to open the throat, meditation, soothing food, and activities that encourage creative expression. Nourish the fifth chakra with the following food:

Wholesome soups

Sauces to moisten food

Herbal teas




Fruit juices

Blueberries, blackberries

Smoothies made with blueberries,

blackberries, and coconut water

Beneficial activities are as follows:




Creating works of art

When the throat chakra is balanced and the truth is communicated, creativity abounds. Nourish the body with nutrition and self-expressive activities. Nourish your heart and mind by speaking the truth with love!

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