• Barbara Newman

Crown Chakra- Connect the Innermost Self to All Things


The highest energy center, the crown chakra, Sahasrara or seventh chakra, is located above the crown of the head, beyond the physical body. It is represented by either the color violet or white and a lotus flower with a thousand petals. The crown chakra symbolizes truth, knowing, and oneness, and it focuses on seeking wisdom, understanding and joy. Someone who lives in the present and trusts the inner self reflects a balanced seventh chakra or energy center.

An imbalanced crown chakra may be characterized by feelings of confusion and disconnection. It may be related to disorders of the central nervous system, depression, headaches, sensitivity to light, and holding fears and beliefs that don’t align with the inner self. Through yoga, meditation, nourishment, and environment, greater well-being may be experienced.

Yoga poses that incorporate the entire body from head to toe guide individuals to realize their potential. In warrior eagle, where the feet are firmly planted on the ground but the arms are raised in eagle, a vast, open and alive feeling is created. In a prayer backbend the entire body is used stimulating a broad connection between the innermost self and all things.

What nourishes the crown chakra the most is meditation. Just taking some quiet time, possibly using lavender essential oil, may bring welcomed peace of mind. While meditating, imagine at the crown of the head there is a radiant white lotus flower with a thousand petals. Just as each petal of the lotus flower is opening one by one, imagine light is pouring into the crown of the head, filling every cell of the body. Enlightened moments, perhaps insight, followed by positive action may result.

In addition to meditation, eating lighter healthy food and drinking water provide benefits. White food such as mushrooms, garlic, ginger, onion, lychee, coconut and other tropical fruits may contribute to inner strength.

Spending time in the sunshine and nature heighten health and happiness.

Through meditation, it becomes apparent how all things are connected by this golden light of awareness.

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