Vinyasa Group Yoga

Bringing Yoga to Your Condo, Community Center, Park

Benefits include improved

  • Breathing techniques

  • Alignment of postures for your body

  • Understanding of the essential nature of yoga

  • Use of modifications to work with an injury

  • Expansion of variations to strengthen your practice

  • Classes designed specifically for you

  • Self-confidence

What You Need

  • A quiet space in your club house aerobics room

  • Yoga mat

  • Comfortable clothing

About the Classes

  • The yoga teacher is certified with a 200 hour certification course, has liability insurance, and is trained in CPR.

  • Classes are for adults who are beginners, desire to strengthen their practice, or have an injury, taking into consideration fitness level and personal goals.

  • Classes are for children who are beginners, desire to strengthen their practice, have an injury, or have developmental or educational challenges, in an engaging fun manner.

  • Classes include breathing exercises, postures, modifications, variations, and meditation.

  • Classes are designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual.