Corporate Yoga on the Mat or Chair

Meditation Class

Bringing Yoga to Your Workplace

High stress work leads to fatigue, disillusionment, less efficiency and absenteeism. Yoga helps manage stress, increases productivity, and brings people together. Start your day, take a break, or de-stress at the end of day with yoga. People leave refreshed, relaxed, and ready to manage projects with new focus. Bringing yoga to the workplace supports employees’ well-being and the bottom line. Yoga can be done on the mat or chair. 


Benefits include improved

  • Focus, concentration, and memory

  • Job satisfaction

  • Work efficiency

  • Well-being and energy

  • Flexibility, posture, and stronger muscles

  • Mindfulness

  • Team building

  • Use of breath to reduce stress


What You Need

  • A quiet space, such as a spare office or meeting space

  • Yoga mats or chairs

  • Comfortable clothing


About the Classes

  • Yoga flow using breath, stretching, postures, and meditation

  • For all levels to meet the individual needs of everyone


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