Community Yoga Classes


Bringing Yoga to Your Community

Yoga in your community improves the well-being of people of all ages and brings them together socially. Whether someone is a beginner or desires to strengthen his/her practice, people leave refreshed, relaxed and ready to enjoy their day or evening.


Benefits include improved

  • Well-being and energy

  • Flexibility, posture, and stronger muscles

  • Use of breath to calm the mind and body

  • Clarity of mind


What You Need

  • A quiet space in your club house, aerobics room, or gym

  • Yoga mats

  • Comfortable clothing


About the Classes

  • Yoga flow using breath, stretching, postures, and meditation

  • For all levels to meet the individual needs of everyone


The practice of yoga provides a fun powerful amenity for you to offer. With passion and dedication, it is my intention for people to receive many “beneficial bright drops” from their yoga practice. A peaceful, safe yoga experience can be created in your community bringing physical exercise and mental clarity to your residents or members. Contact