Barbara Newman


Following a career in communication and being a devoted yogi for many years, I teach yoga to inspire students to breathe, move, and look inward.  

 Completing my 200 Hour Training in August 2017, I wanted to delve deeper into the ancient yoga teachings. I continued my yoga studies with the 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training. Little did I realize that the 300 Hour Training is diving deeper into oneself, in addition to learning more about poses, muscles, sequencing, breathing and meditation.  Being a yoga teacher requires authenticity, knowing yourself so you can teach from the heart and sharing your message with those who respond to your vocal voice and yoga “voice” or message. 

My professional preparation includes RYT 200 Teacher Training and RYT 300 Advanced Teacher Training, Get Ready to Learn: Therapeutic Yoga in the Classroom, and Restorative Yoga. I hold a Master’s Degree in Speech and Hearing Science. While practicing Speech-Language Pathology, I taught students (including those with autism and related disabilities) yoga to increase focus on learning with fun. I used breathing and relaxation strategies with those who stutter to achieve smoother speech.

My yoga path began twenty years ago when I attended my first class. Halfway through, my body felt energized and my mind clear. Yoga became part of my life.

My mission is to guide individuals to uncover the physical, mental and spiritual (if okay with it) benefits of yoga breath, movement, flow, and meditation at their level on and off the mat. It’s opening the door to peace and calm in life. Practicing yoga gives me peace and calm that I need in my life. 

 "Indu," the name for the moon in Sanskrit, means "Bright Drop" and is the name my yoga teacher gave me. It is my intention to share yoga, so others receive beneficial “bright drops,” shine their light, and create well-being.  

Breathe and Move...

...Calm Your Mind...

...Ignite Your Inner Light

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Barbara Newman


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